Are your building personnel sufficiently trained to understand elevator safety and identify potential hazards? Who will assist you with determining if you are receiving the maintenance you are paying for in accordance with your service provider contract? Who will determine your modernization needs and write specifications and bid documentation to realize the best value and bidding competiveness considering all the modernization products available, based on your criteria? You need an unbiased third party elevator expert to help you with these decisions.

Corporate Elevator Asset Management provides vertical transportation evaluation and consulting services for our clients who own or manage buildings and facilities involving elevators/lifts, escalators, moving walkways, etc. We will evaluate your current system and provide solutions that are effective and capable of optimizing the value of your present elevator system and ensure the safety of your passengers.

In addition, we provide the building owner with the latest and most proven technologies and techniques. We are experienced consultants offering valuation-producing solutions for high-rise and complex systems including modernization and redesign. CE Asset Management adds value by remaining independent of elevator companies and by providing the owner with elevator system solutions. Please select an option on the below to learn more about us.


Services includes:

  • 1.    Maintenance Specification – development of a detailed Full Maintenance Agreement to direct the elevator maintenance contractor in the proper performance of maintenance on the vertical transportation equipment
  • 2. Routine performance audits with solutions for improving your elevator/escalator service
  • 3. Determine the performance of the service you are receiving from your elevator contractor
  • 4. Evaluate the equipment and assess conditions that may contribute to excessive and expensive unscheduled shutdowns
  • 5. Inspect component wear to ensure repair and replacement is completed in accordance with industry standards and your service providers contract
  • 6. Provide reports to ensure state and local code compliance is met
  • 7. Offer suggestions and recommendations for writing customized maintenance contracts for your elevator/escalator equipment


Services includes:

  • 1. Provide detailed specifications for competitive bids for the modernization work
  • 2.Represent customer on any issues at the pre-modernization meeting
  • 3.Certify that all materials used and work by contractor comply with specifications
  • 4.Represent the customer on any issues at periodic modernization meetings
  • 5.Review and provide comments concerning contractors request for payment
  • 6.Provide assistance to customer representative on any issues during modernization project
  • 7.Perform random inspection visits to job site
  • 8.Provide customer with reports on modernization progress
  • 9.Write and review punch list items to be corrected before final inspection
  • 10.Assist customer on drafting any necessary change orders



Services includes

  • 1.   Provide you with the elevator related information necessary to make an accurate decision on building purchases and elevator modifications
  • 2.   Review equipment to evaluate its current condition and budgeted cost of repair if necessary
  • 3.   Evaluate the control system and report on its anticipated life expectancy


Services includes:

  • 1. Detail design information and coordination of work by other trades, including elevator and hoistway sizes, overheads, pit depths, loading, elevator and machine room heating and cooling, elevator electrical power requirements, etc.
  • 2. Create specifications and requirements to ensure a standard of performance in vertical transportation equipment is consistent with the specified application
  • 3. Review drawings and details for compliance to specifications
  • 4. Attend pre-bid, pre-installation project management meetings to ensure timely and accurate completion of scheduled work



Services includes

  • 1. Inspections – Monthly, Quarterly or Annually inspect the elevators, escalators and associated equipment
  • 2. Reports – Submit to you a written report of all the deficiencies noted which are to be corrected by your elevator maintenance company under their existing full maintenance contract with you, at no additional cost to building owners and managers
  • 3. Follow-Up Site Visits – A copy of the report will then be provided to you and we will follow through to ensure that all items are corrected
  • 4. Review Trouble Calls – Review all trouble calls to determine where problems can be eliminated in order to avoid any down time of the elevators


Services include:

  • 1. Elevator service companies are on tight, demanding schedules and cannot always dedicate the time needed to do the job they are contracted to do. This compromises the performance and useful life of your equipment. Part of our evaluation focuses on maintenance deficiencies by the elevator company. We provide the elevator service company a minimum 30-day period to rectify the list
  • 2. Because our evaluation is detailed, we frequently discover latent problems that can be corrected before they become costly or present a possible safety problem
  • 3. By reviewing invoices from your Elevator Contractor, we can eliminate many costly unnecessary payments for repeated problems and charges that are covered under your maintenance contract. By eliminating these unnecessary charges we’ve found this to be one of the most noticeable returns on your investment